Antioch United Methodist Church
Monday, July 26, 2021
Reach UP, reach IN, reach OUT for the glory of God!

Antioch's Vision

Vision, Mission, and Discipleship Plan of Antioch United Methodist Church
“Write the vision, make it plain.” - Habakkuk 2:2.

REACH UP (in worship)
REACH IN (Bible study and Christian education)
REACH OUT (hospitality and mission outreach).

Our church FILLED with people who joyfully praise God!
Classrooms FILLED with people learning about the Bible, and groups meeting, i.e., TOPS, yoga, AA, NA, Al-Anon, district learning events.
Hands FILLED with food and gifts to give out to the community.
Hearts FILLED with the peace and love from the Holy Spirit.
Heaven FILLED with people.


Come to our church as a GUEST. (BEGIN)
Get to know us as a NEWCOMER (BUILD)
Believe in Jesus Christ as a CHRISTIAN. (BELIEVE)
Join a group/class/ministry as a MEMBER. (BELONG)
Help us make a difference in people’s lives as a DISCIPLE. (BLESS)

1. BEGIN: Attend because of personal invitation to Sunday worship, VBS, Outdoor ministry event, AAY or seeing our church building or church sign. 

2.) BELIEVE: Make Jesus their Lord and Savior, get baptized. 

3.) BUILD: Build connections and relationships with newcomers by inviting them back through personal invitation and ‘thank you’ cards or letters to first-time visitors, and “pizza with the pastor.”

4). BELONG: Go deeper by getting involved in Sunday School, Food Distribution, Choir, Wednesday Bible Study, AAY, Women of God, etc. Pastor visits with newcomers and discusses church and membership. We welcome them to join as members, and to support the church with prayers, presence, gifts, and service.

5.) BLESS: Be a blessing by helping with a ministry, i.e., food distributions, nursery, usher, greeter, trustee, or starting a new ministry.